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Al-Qari: Recitation

Al-Qari is about reading and reciting Quran properly:

Each letter and word in Al-Qari has sound attached to it (and sometimes an animation as well).

The voices of 2 teachers of the Quran who are masters of the art of tajweed are used in Al-Qari Plus.

The tarteel recitation of the great qari of this century Abdul Basit Abdus Samad is used in the entire Quran.

The second Qari is Shaikh Jamal Saeed. Originally from Palestine, he is graduate of Madinah University and one of the leading Imam for the Muslim Community of Chicago. Shaikh Jamal gives voice to all letters, words, lessons, example, exercises, and last ten chapters of the Quran in Al-Qari.

Some of our parents have shown amazement on their children picking up better Quran pronunciation then them because of Al-Qari. One mother complained how come Al-Qari was not available when she was growing up.

You can choose to play the same ayah (verse) repeatedly for memorization. Each ayah plays as you click on it or search through ayah number.Each surah (chapter) plays as you click on it or search through surah number.

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....Al-Qari Plus (with Full Quran): $59................Al-Qari (with 10 short Surahs): $29

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